In the end, the project will bring a bigger terminal, better security, more retail, and better passenger flow. Right now, not much is flowing at all.

The Great Hall project that began in 2018 was supposed to be completed by 2021. However, according to CBS4Denver, that date is so far off the table, it may as well be in another room. It may not be done until at least 2024 now.

The project also started with a $650M price tag that may now balloon up another $300M+; this Great Hall makeover could hit the $1B mark. Wow.

It comes down to whether the existing concrete in the terminal is strong enough for what the developer has planned. He says it's not, Denver engineers say it's O.K.  The two sides are going to go into mediation to try and work things out.

In the meantime, the Great Hall may be a Great Mess the next time you're flying in or out of DIA.

Get more on the problems from CBS4Denver HERE.

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