After more than 25,000 votes, the Denver Zoo's newest resident finally has a name.

The Denver Zoo conducted an open, online vote to name their newest resident, a one-horned baby rhino. The three choices the zoo offered for the the rhino's new title were Joona, Pemba, and Talli. Now, the votes are in and the rhino will forever be known as Joona.

According to CBS Denver, the name Joona means "joyful in nature, or treasure in Nepalese culture."

Here's the official vote count:

Joona - 13,871 votes

Pemba - 8,956 votes

Talli - 6,370 votes

The Denver Zoo is currently closed under the state's stay-at-home order. However, you can view Joona and the other animals on live webcam via the zoo's website.



Source: CBS Denver

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