Come Monday, February 11, a lot of teachers/educators in Denver could be on strike; unless an agreement can be made. What are the issues?

They had asked Governor Polis to get involved with negotiations. He passed; he thinks they'll come to an agreement by Monday. The union things to think differently.

Denver's Channel 7 has the story on how the teachers' union and Denver Public Schools have yet to come to terms. According to Channel 7, at the latest negotiations, the union walked out, not happy with the way things were going.

So, the state tried to get Governor Polis to intervene- to help things out. He and his office believe that that won't be necessary, and the two sides will come to an agreement before Monday's planned walk-out/strike.

What's it about?  The teachers union is seeking better BASE PAY for its educators - as opposed to one-time bonuses.

We'll have to see what happens before Monday.

Get more on the story from Channel 7 HERE.

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