Errrggh! The Denver Broncos are having another losing season while the Kansas City Chiefs are on fire. What if, they're just lucky? Here's a stat that may support that.

The Kansas City Chiefs have a near perfect record heading into week 10 of the 2018 NFL season. Sure, they look great. Much better than Denver. But they are definitely on a lucky streak in a way.

I got the scoop from USAToday. Apparently, even before kickoff, the Chiefs have been winners in EVERY game- not just the 8 in the 'wins' column.

What I'm saying is that Kansas City has won EVERY coin toss in their nine games so far. That's whether they called the flip or the opponent did. It's some crazy odds that that could ever happen.  Crazier odds that their coin-flip winning streak goes all the way through the season.

So, now we can move from betting on the Broncos to betting on whether KC will win the coin toss. Come on, Sunday!

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