It can be fun to see journalism 'fails;' I've fallen victim to it many times myself. On Thursday morning, February 25, 2021, The Denver Post dropped the ball.

It was just over a year ago, in January of 2020, that the San Miguel Sheriff's Department tweeted out that a boulder 'the size of a small boulder' was blocking the roadway. Of course, they meant 'a boulder the size of a small car,' but it was too late, and the internet roasted them.

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So, when The Denver Post had a typo of their own, using 'food' instead of 'foot,' it became another fun 'look what they did!' moment for the world.

I just read it again and giggled. It's a great photo, too, with the dog hanging out the car window.

There were a lot of replies, even to the correction; this one was my favorite:

To be fair, you CAN get the details on how Denver recorded a FOOT of snow from the Denver Post HERE.

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