The website WalletHub just looked at 182 cities in the Unites States and how sinful they are, basing their list off of the seven deadly sins. They broke down each of the sins and looked at how those 182 cities ranked in each category. Here's what they decided were determining factors for each sin:

Lust:  Strip clubs per capita, Tinder users, and porn searches on Google.

Gluttony:  Obesity rate, fast food joints per capita, binge drinking, DUIs, smokers, marijuana use, and drug overdoses.

Greed:  Casinos, gambling addiction rates, and charitable giving.

Sloth:  Exercise rates, volunteering, and average time spent watching TV.

Wrath:  Violent crimes, assaults, hate crimes, and shootings.

Envy:  Theft, identity theft, and fraud.

Pride:  Beauty and tanning salons per capita, and plastic surgery Google searches.

After looking at all the stats, there is no surprise that Las Vegas sits at the top of the list as the most sinful city. The rest of the Top 10 are:

Los Angeles

St. Louis





New York City




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