Denver’s pit bull ban repeal officially died Monday night (Feb. 24) after being approved for revocation earlier this month.

Mayor Hancock vetoed the bill at the last minute, making it his first veto in 3 decades, according to Denver Post.

The Denver Council needed nine votes to overturn Mayor Hancock’s veto.

The proposed bill would have allowed, within specific guidelines, a lift on Denver’s 30-year ban on pit bulls.

Even Governor Jared Polis chimed in on the conversation after posing with a pit bull puppy in his Colorado mansion.

Hollywood star Justin Theroux also weighed in on Instagram, asking council members to reverse their vote.

“I implore you to vote on behalf of the pit bulls that are currently in your shelters and living in the shadows of Denver as a result of Denver’s Ban,” Theroux wrote. “All they want is the right to be available for adoption from your shelter facilities, get registered, microchipped and be LEGAL.”

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