This is great because I love miller moths, said no one ever. According to entomologists at Colorado State University, brace yourselves... Miller moth season is coming.

It may even already be here, unfortunately for us mottephobics (that's the fear of moths; told you it was real, Dad). CSU said that for the last four years, Colorado has had a lower-than-average number of moths, but 2020 will be 'abundant.'


'Flights of the moths crossing through into eastern Colorado on their annual migration to the mountains first became noticeable the first few days of May, much earlier than 2019,' CSU said in a press release about the moths, because the millers will be so abundant, they got their own press release.

While they are annoying to us here on the Front Range, they don't do any harm to clothing or furniture like some moths do (but they are damaging crops). CSU's entomologists say that cooler, damper weather makes the moths stick around longer, so a perk to dry, warm nights is that it'll make the moths want to leave sooner.


Some moth enemies they'll have to watch out for as they arrive in our state include: Ground beetles, most birds and the bottom of my shoes.

CSU suggested another way to kill them in your home is to set a bowl of soapy water (safely) under a light source.

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