Super news out of Colorado State University. It seems they've discovered that we're doomed to suffer from Mother Nature's fury on a bigger scale.

Sam Childs, a Graduate Research Assistant and Ph.D. candidate, recently published his findings regarding severe hailstorms in the urban corridor out to the eastern plains of the state. The findings show a trend; a trend that shows that our hailstones are increasing in size.

Over the last 20 years, statistics show that there is not only MORE severe hail (over 1" in diameter) being reported, but the percentage of hailstones with larger diameters, say in excess of baseball-sizeis increasing. Sure, you could say that more people in the state equals more reports of severe hail, but that doesn't account for the reports of LARGER hailstones such as 2.25" vs 1.75."

In 2018, 3% of reported severe hail was 3' in diameter- bigger than a baseball. That set a state record. Fun, right?

The study discusses how the atmosphere's temperature can part of the issue, where smaller hail is melting before it reaches the surface and the larger hail is getting through. Not to say we won't be seeing those storms where the plows go out to clear the hail.

This is an important study, not just for your car insurance deductible, or your home's roof, but for Colorado's large and important agriculture industry as well.

Bottom line- More hail and larger hail is in our future if things continue trending the way they are.

On the bright side, it looks like the length of severe storm season is trending DOWN.

Get more on the study HERE.


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