Based on atmosphere, staff, beer selection, and extraordinary events, their readers have decided that not one bar in NoCo makes the cut. What?

Harsh, readers, just harsh. The site recently asked their readers to nominate their favorite beer bar in their given state. 7,000 readers voted. For Colorado, they selected a bar that's been around since 2010.

It's in LoDo. Boooooooooo...

It's called 'FreshCraft.' According to the site, they have a 'laid-back vibe' where they serve fresh FOOD and Craft beer, which makes them 'the Best.'

Let me say this: The question was 'What is the best beer bar in your state?' The question wasn't 'What's the trendiest Restaurant/Bar in your state.' I'm just saying that I don't think the readers understood the question.

I'm just miffed, I guess, that with all the great bars in Northern Colorado not one of ours made it. The Mayor of Old Town? GREAT beer bar. Tap and Handle? Holy cow, a great beer bar! Just to name a couple.

My suggestion is that we all subscribe to so that the next time the survey comes out- it'll be correct!

What's YOUR favorite, local, beer bar?

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