Could a last ditch effort in the next few days save Sports Authority stores throughout Northern Colorado, with the only change being a different name?

According to the Denver Business Journal, that scenario could very much be a possibility as talks are underway concerning their current store leases.

The article states that both Modell's Sporting Goods and Sports Direct International are in talks with Sports Authority officials to put together a joint bid for the leases.

The two companies could be interested in close to 200 of the stores leases.

Sports Authority holds 27 leases throughout the state of Colorado, with locations locally in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Longmont.

Bids for the properties are due this Thursday, with an auction set for June 29th.

Dick's Sporting Goods has previously stated that they will only be interested in a handful of the leases, after rumors were persistent that the leading sports retailer would be interested in most of the properties.


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