We've seen a lot of 'Brave' cosplay since Pixar's latest hit theaters last year, but none quite as charming and whimsical as this!

Paula is a cosplayer from Argentina who works hard to create her detailed and colorful costume designs. We were really taken by her costumes inspired by 'Bioshock' and Harley Quinn of Batman fame, but then we saw her take on Merida from 'Brave,' and it's just too sweet to ignore.

Paula captures the enchanting mix of courage and softness that had so many of us fall head over heels for Pixar's newest heroine, but as we all know, 80% of a successful Merida costume lies in the hair, and Paula totally nails it with her wild carrot-colored tangle of curls.

A little more info about Paula: she's recently graduated with a degree in digital retouching and manipulation -- she loves multimedia design as well as real-world tangible design, like her intricate costumes. In her notes for the 'Brave' photo shoot, Paula says that it was incredibly hot outside and she was melting in her costume, so we applaud her, um, bravery!

Check out more photos of Paula as Merida below, and head over to her DeviantArt page to see her other designs:

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