I am a big complainer when I get too hot. I need my air conditioning to work. Turns out there are several things I can do to help my AC meet my demands for a long time to come. Lion Home Service went through my house to make sure things were working right and efficiently.

Lion Home Service technicians arrive in their cool black and yellow vehicle. They wear hilarious little blue shoe coverings so my floors stay nice. They didn't even seem to mind that my dogs wanted to sniff and jump all over them.

Being a busy mom with 3 kids and way too many animals, I just need to know that when I turn on the AC, the AC is gonna work. Lion Home Service said I am good to go and gave me the following maintenance tips.

-Do annual checkup. Preventative maintenance helps ensure consistent performance and no inconvenient breakdowns.

-Change the air filter regularly. Your filter works hard to catch all the dust and debris, and a dirty filter makes your system work harder to circulate air.

-Have our ducts cleaned (which they can do), because dust and debris caught in your home's ductwork can lead to symptoms of allergies and more.

-Open a window on cool evenings to save money and energy.

We are also considering getting a QuietCool Whole House Fan to offset the use of our AC. The system is impressive. I learned about by watching this video. Lion Home Service is offering $100 off on these right now.

It only costs $49 to get an AC check-up with Lion Home Service. Money well spent for peace of mind about staying comfortable this summer.

Give them a call today at 970-797-3100 and tell them I sent you!