The stories this two-story building could tell. From being the public library to the Larimer County Building in Loveland, it will now have new stories to tell.

When I was a kid growing up in Loveland, the Loveland Public Library was located at 6th Street and Cleveland. I remember it being so 'big,' as a kid. The building was the library from 1968 until 1987 when Loveland moved it to the Civic Center area at 4th Street and Adams Avenue.

Larimer County, soon after, moved into the old library building. I spent many an afternoon in that building, getting tags for my various vehicles over the years. Honestly, I cannot remember being in there, in that big building, for any other reason.

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In 2018, Larimer County moved into its new Loveland location at Peridot Street and Denver Avenue. Another big building where I deal with getting tags for my cars.

Though a couple of projects never left the bid table, the former Larimer County building looks to be finally slated for something new.

According to a flyer I received from Re/Max Advanced, who source Biz West Media, the building was sold in late 2020 for about $530,000 to a group of local investors. The group's name seems to harken back to the building's first life: 6th St. Library LLC and they've named the project 'The Collection.'

The flyer states that they have 'major' plans for the site, which may include businesses and parking on the ground floor, with residential on the upper floors. How many floors is uncertain, but they do plan to grow the building 'vertically.'

I'll have to keep an eye out to see what becomes of the old library.

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