There were a lot of great responses to this one, as a young driver ended up putting the Infinity they were driving into the non-infinity pool.

The panic that must have come over this young driver as the pool got closer, and closer, and closer, with (seemingly) no way to keep the inevitable from happening.

We have a co-worker who drives an Infinity; there's no way that they would put it into a pool, but I'm imagining them thinking twice before passing one now.

What's the worse thing you did as a young driver? I remember taking my Driver's Ed class at Loveland High, and while behind the wheel, I looked over my right shoulder and proceeded to bring the car into oncoming traffic. The girls in the back seats were not thrilled.

9News got some great video of the Infinity being rescued from the bottom of the pool.

What would any mishap be without people offering their snarky comments, online? Check out some of the things that people tweeted out:

Snarky Comments After Car Backs Into Pool

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