This is just a fun little story; because we all have those quirky office things- like the printer, the coffee machine, the banister going up the stairs, and maybe that one office door.

Office Door

I saw this tweet the other day and got a chuckle. With all the tweets you see these days that make you want to punch yourself in the throat, it’s great when one is ‘funny because it’s true.’

Erin Udell is a reporter for The Coloradoan, covering history, culture, and fun. I think the ‘history’ part plays into one of her latest tweets.  She must have had to go look something up in the archive office. The door to that office has an issue, apparently, and she got trapped inside that office. Don't you hate when you're just trying to do your job, and get slowed down by stupid things? I love the part of how the office containing history must have a 'history' itself, of trapping Erin in.

My office has black electrical tape over the lock, to let you know NOT to lock the door- there is no key. Everybody’s workplace has its quirks, for sure. Glad to see Erin was rescued… again!

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