When it comes to romance in Colorado, we seem to have a pretty good grasp on what we're doing, as a whole.

If you've found love, you may have contributed to Colorado making the list; if you're still searching there's good news.

Whether it be for Valentine's Day, or just another romantic occasion, Colorado ranks when it comes to three key indicators for romance.

Colorado and Love

What State is #1 For a  Romantic Date on Valentine's Day?

According to research done by BedBible.com, a sexual wellness site, into several pieces of TripAdvisor data, Hawaii tops their list of the Top 10 states. It probably doesn't hurt that Hawaii is such a destination spot.

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What State is #10 for a Romantic Date on Valentine's Day?

Bedbible puts Oregon at the bottom of their Top 10. It's hard to say if most Americans would list Oregon when it comes to romance.

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What Are the 2 Key Reasons Colorado is #5 for a Romantic Date on Valentine's Day?

BedBible took a look at several factors; the two key ones:

  • Number of Hotels Rated 4-Star or Above.
  • Number of Restaurants with 'Romantic' Within Their Reviews.

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How Did Colorado Do, Exactly?

  • Colorado's Overall Score: 66.03 (Hawaii: 76.46)
  • Colorado's Score for Number of Hotels Rated 4-Star and Above 135
  • Colorado's Score for Number of Restaurants with 'Romantic' Within Their Reviews: 8.2.

From BedBible.com:

While the findings reflects that each of the top ten states provide couples with different opportunities to add more romance to the evening, it’s insightful to discover their high-scoring categories to help people plan their dates accordingly, from Hawaii’s luxury hotels to Colorado’s romantic restaurants.

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Romantic vacations in Colorado can depend on what you're looking for. Maybe you want a secluded campsite or yurt; maybe you just want to cuddle up at home; maybe it's going to take satin sheets.

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Colorado attractions are a major draw for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Whether your romantic adventures involve skiing, rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, or arts and culture, you'll find it in Colorado.

To help you make plans for your next romantic Colorado getaway, here's a quick look at ten standouts courtesy of U.S. News.

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