The tipping world has changed dramatically in recent years - and it may be about to change again in Colorado.

Remember When Tips Were 10%?

Do you remember when the tipping standard was 10%? That's how it was for years, but things began to change in the 1980s, and we started to see the tip scale going up. In today's world, it feels like if you don't leave a 20% tip for your server you're gonna look cheap. The days of the 10% tip are long gone.

Higher Tips Mean Higher Costs

We've always tipped the pizza delivery guy and food servers, but, nowadays, we are often asked to leave a tip at fast food restaurants, food trucks, and the coffee drive-thru among other places. Of course, tipping goes way beyond the food industry - and is now pretty much expected anytime a service is performed for a customer. It's great for the worker, but for the average consumer, more tipping is adding to the increased cost of living.

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Colorado Bill Would Help Some Colorado Workers

As everyone knows, in many industries wages are not high. It may seem unfair that some businesses do not allow their employees to accept tips from customers and increase their income-earning potential. However, that could be changing soon in Colorado. The Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would prohibit businesses from punishing workers who accept cash tips from patrons. Could you be tipping your cashier in the near future?

Bill Gets Support From Local Congressman

HB 23-146 was presented by State Representative Alex Valdez, D- Denver, and according to Colorado Politics, is being backed by Rep. Rick Taggert, R- Grand Junction. If the bill passes, employers could not stop their workers from receiving cash tips, however, they could still require their employees to share their tips with other workers. That's another issue altogether.

The House Business Affairs and Labor Committee passed the measure on a 9-2 vote, and the bill has been passed on to the House Appropriations Committee, where it awaits further consideration.

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