If you know me, you know that I am a bit of a showman. I like to make a bold appearance. Unfortunately I was no good at football, so I stuck to bowling and wore the brightest pants I could find. But, if I were blessed with football skills I surely would have picked a college like Oregon or Maryland simply because they have the coolest uniforms. Colorado State, got some new uniforms for the 2013 season, but I must say I am a bit disappointed. 

Last season when Jim McElwain took over the head coaching position with the Rams he quickly told the team and the community that “I think you’ve got to earn your stripes. I wish we’d wear our practice jerseys and our practice uniforms and learn how to go out and block and tackle and play,” he said. “To me, you have to earn the uniform. As of right now, we haven’t done any of that. I do believe we will, and I do believe we will in time.”

So the Rams played in the same old boring green, gold, and white uniforms with no flare.

The Rams ended up winning 4 games last season, and that must have been enough to earn one or two of those stripes coach talked about last year because the Rams unveiled new uniforms for this season today.

here's a gold stripe around the shoulders on the green home jerseys and a green stripe around the shoulders of the white road jerseys. The gold pants have a wide green stripe running along outside, while the white pants have a green stripe in the same location. The Rams’ didn’t have any stripes or highlights other than uniform numbers and school and player names on their jerseys last season.

The helmets, with the iconic gold Rams' horn on a forest green background, remain unchanged.

Still boring, but we're improving!