I got a new snowblower this Christmas. It's a nice one. Electric start, if I want. Honestly, it cranks on the first pull, so there's no need. And, since I bought it, there's been no need for the blower. Snow fall along the front range has been a bit scarce, but how is it doing at higher elevations?

According to the US Department of Agriculture, that glass is just barely above half full.....barely.

Overall, the USDA says we're at 54% snowpack. Up here, along the Northern mountains, we have an 84% snowpack while South Platte and North Platte river basins are riding at 80%. It's the southwest corner of the state, the San Miguel, Dolores, Animas, and San Juan Basins that are ruining our bell curve with a 24% snowpack.

There is still time to catch up as the snowpack usually peaks around mid-April, but it looks like the southwest area of our state is in need of a big one...or two snow storms.

As for drought concerns, 9 News Denver reported that James Van Shaar of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation says, "Our reservoirs are very comfortable right now."

Lack of snow does bring up fire concerns after the melt, however.

The slowest start in Colorado was in 1981 when the snowpack was at 46%. We're at 54% now. But, there's still plenty of time. Mother Nature has a way of catching up for lost time. My new snowblower is ready.


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