The Colorado School of Public Health has shared the numbers on what the best and worst possible outcomes for COVID-19 infections would look like.

According to the The Denver Post, projections indicate that Colorado could see over 30,000 COVID-19 deaths by June — but that is the worst case scenario with no social distancing employed.

In the best case scenario, the death number will be in the 300s, The Denver Post said. This is dependent on social and physical distancing, and how well we as a population control our contact with others to slow the spread of COVID-19.

With the measures that have been taken so far, we've already lowered the 'worst case' number, The Denver Channel reported.

'More than 900,000 Coloradans could have been infected by the coronavirus by early May if no social distancing measures were taken, according to data released Sunday by the state's COVID-19 Modeling Group, a team of researchers that the Colorado School of Public Health assembled to assist the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in understanding the pandemic in Colorado.' -The Denver Channel

By continuing to social distance and stay home, decreasing interaction with other humans that could lead to the spread of infection, Coloradans will push the peak date farther down the line and lower the infection and death number. Read more on the projected peak from The Denver Channel.

The State of Colorado remains under Stay-at-Home orders until April 26. Denver's Stay-at-Home has officially been extended to April 30.

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