Weight Watchers, Atkins, Jenny Craig-- when it come to losing weight, people try all kinds of diets. However, one man in Denver changed his life by eating Chic-fil-A.

According to the Business Insider, 25-year-old Alton Ward weighed 355 pounds when he was 17. When he went to college, he decided to get healthy, and decided that it was time to change his eating habits. After trying and failing at all the traditional diets, he decided to try something new.

Alton had a love of Chic-fil-A and there was one on his college campus. In the morning, he would eat two boiled eggs with oatmeal. He would then have Chic-fil-A for lunch and dinner, eating their grilled chicken wraps, salads with ranch dressing on the side and soup. That wasn't all... as any trainer would tell you, you still need exercise. Alton also followed through with a strength and cardio plan.

Following his Chic-fil-A diet and workout routine, Alton was able to lose 140 pounds in just 11 months. Four years later, he has continued to watch what he eats and has lost even more weight. He credits Chic-fil-A for changing, if not saving his life. He admits that a lot of it was his will to succeed. But he points out the restaurant for providing "fine food that tasted good where he could have a variety of options." He states that "Fast food doesn't have to be, you know, greasy burgers and artery clogging."

I'm just wondering, if he consistently ate at Chic-fil-A every lunch and dinner, where did he eat on Sundays?