Comic fans have a tendency to become some of the most hardcore fans ever. If you're a fan of Marvel, DC, or any of the other superheroes, you're probably pretty die-hard and a mere hobby can become an obsession.

As hardcore as they are, some comic book fans may not know that the largest comics dealer in the entire country is right here in Colorado. If that happens to be you, get ready to have your mind blown.

America's Largest Comics Dealer is in Colorado

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Believe it or not, the largest comics dealer in the United States is known as the Mile High Comics Megastore and is just waiting for you to peruse their many shelves of comics and comic-related merchandise.

The store is located at 4600 Jason Street, Denver, Colorado 80221, and truly lives up to its reputation.

Every wall is lined with comic books from every genre, publisher, and era you can imagine.

There are your typical Spider-Man and Batman comics, as well as some really off-the-wall merch featuring things like Nightmare Before Christmas, He-Man, and even Disney.

You'll even find some really rare and expensive comics which are listed for thousands upon thousands of dollars. Needless to say, these particular items are showcased in actual showcases behind glass.

The store is absolutely massive and even has space for events and game nights.

In addition to comics, the store has plenty of action figures, games, and life-size statues of some of your favorite comic book and movie characters.

Take a virtual tour of Denver's Mile High Comics Megastore:

Check Out America’s Largest Comics Dealer in Colorado

Mile High Comics Megastore is known as the largest comics dealer in the country and is located right here in Colorado.

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