When you go to work each day, how would you gauge the friendliness of your co-workers? Are they like Michael Scott from the Office, where they're almost annoyingly in a good mood most of the time, regardless of what's happening around them? Or are they more like Stanley, who unless the day is ending, you don't really even want to try and engage them in conversation?

I didn't even know this was a thing, but October 27 is "Crankiest Co-Workers Day" and depending on where you work, you might be part of the problem! Colorado, believe it or not, ranks NUMBER ONE on the list of "The Crankiest Co-Workers in America" according to a new study.

The study is based on a handful of factors, like the number of people who participate in the "Bare Minimum Monday" trend on social media or search terms in each state like "quiet quitting," "resignation letter" or "excuses to get out of work." In other words, the internet thinks most of us in Colorado loathe our jobs, which leads to the highest "Cranky Co-Worker Combined Score" of all 50 states.

Gambling.com compiled all the statistics by analyzing search data from the past 12 months for all sorts of keywords related to being fed up with your job, then put together the trends state by state. They totaled the scores and congrats, Colorado! We're the worst co-workers in the country!

New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and Minnesota round out the top five, which really surprises me that Colorado even makes this list because those five states seem like miserable places to live, let alone be stuck at work all day.

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