Renting property in Colorado can be a tricky endeavor: The landlord wants to make money, the renter wants to save money.

Often, the two sides work together without issue; but renters in Colorado are saying their landlords are not great.

With the price of Colorado real estate continuing to skyrocket, renting is more and more common. With more rentals, comes more issues it would seem.

Landlords in Colorado Ranked Among Worst

Recent information shows that there are over 750,000 renters in Colorado; each of which has a landlord.

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One landlord may have several rental properties; often a management company handles issues with the renter, but it still comes down to the landlord when a renter is disgruntled.

What State Has the Biggest Problems With Their Landlords?

The website MoveBudha, which helps renters calculate how much it will cost to move, analyzed data submitted to, which promotes landlord accountability.

Maine's renters have America's biggest "beef" with their landlords, according to the data. Landlords are ranked on a scale of 1-5, and Maine's landlords ranked the worst at 2.1.

How Do Colorado Landlords Rank In the U.S.?

Colorado has the 4th worst-rated landlords, with a score of 2.3 out of 5.


What Are Colorado Renters Biggest Problem with Their Landlords?

According to the data submitted to

Example reviews:

...the laundry machines will fill with water and mold and they will do nothing.

..the heater went out in the middle of January. It took three weeks to fix, and they threatened to evict me for legally withholding rent until it was fixed. are infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. It’s absolutely absurd that they charge what they do. For the entire 12 month period that I had lived there, pest control was making visits to the unit EVERY WEEK and the problem never got under control.


Example Review:

...uur car was towed incorrectly at our expense multiple times in the dead of night— ********* towing violates local laws as well.


What State Has the Least Problems With Landlords?

If you're looking for better-than-average landlords, Virginia is your place, as those landlords rated 3.0 out of 5.

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