Lawmakers in Colorado are not changing the state's immunization laws this session.

Question of the Day: Should parents be required to vaccinate their children?


HB-1312 is a bill that would require parents who do not vaccinate their children to submit a waiver. According to the statute, in order for the bill to pass it must be read and debated on separate days. The senate pushed off the the bill until Friday which does not give it enough time to pass the General Assembly this session.


HB-1312 was on it's second reading Thursday and needs three readings to pass. The General Assembly's session is over midnight Friday.

Hundreds of anti-vaccinators converged on the capitol to celebrate the victory which is considered a defeat for the Colorado medical community.

Stephanie Wasserman, executive director of the Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition:

“We are very disappointed in the last-minute actions of the Senate and their unwillingness to addressing an urgent public health concern in our state. Legislators have put politics over the health and safety of our children. House Bill 1312 was a Colorado-specific solution supported by science and evidence. It was a modest bill, the result of tireless effort to address a variety of stakeholder concerns that balanced public health with parental choice."


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