Members of the Colorado State Patrol presented a 100-year-old World War II internment camp survivor with a Colorado flag flown over the Capitol this week.

Ruth Yoshiko Yamauchi-Honda is the grandmother of CSP Trooper, CP Lawrence, according to the Colorado State Patrol Facebook page. Lawrence commented on CSP's post on Friday to tell his grandmother's story:

My grandmother and grandfather, Hiroshi, we're living in California and sent to a Japanese American internment camp in Topaz, Utah, shortly after Pearl Harbor. They lived on the camp, where my grandmother worked as a camp nurse and [they] were finally released in 1945. They decided to make their way to Colorado as the Governor at the time, Governor Ralph L. Carr, was one of the few governors that accepted the Japanese-Americans into their state. My grandparents opened up and ran their own grocery store in northwest Denver until a major retail chain moved in. My grandmother then found work at "Ridge Home" in Arvada and spent 30 years working with the developmentally disabled before her retirement.

Lawrence noted that his grandmother led the Pledge of Allegiance at the Captiol to kick off Senior Day in April 2015.

Ruth, your story is incredible, and we're so happy you were able to make Colorado home for your family and your business all these years!

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