So the great solar eclipse has come and gone. Now, what to do with the protective eye wear? Well, we could fill up our Colorado landfills with thousands of little cardboard glasses, or we could use them for a really good cause. 

Travelers In The West Hit The Road Flocking To Destinations To Witness Monday's Eclipse In Totality
George Frey/Getty Images

Photo: 'Penny Farster-Narlesky of Denver, Colorado tests her solar eclipse glasses at a roadside information center in Grand Teton National Park...' -George Frey, Getty Images 

OK, so it will be years before we see another eclipse in Colorado -- and according to the fine print on this inside of my viewing glasses, they're only safe to use for about three years -- but, that doesn't mean other parts of the world won't see an eclipse within that time.

According to Gizmodo, Astronomers Without Borders wants your used eclipse glasses so they can send them off to school kids in Asia and South America, who will witness an eclipse in 2019. (Meaning, my glasses would still be good!)

Definitely a better alternative than creating a bunch of waste. Want to send your glasses to Astronomers Without Borders? Here's how.

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