An innovative, new texting option just made registering to vote in Colorado a whole lot easier – especially for millennials and Gen-Xers, who pretty much already use their phones to do everything anyways.

All that eligible Coloradans need to do in order to get registered for the upcoming election, is simply text either "Colorado" or "CO" to 28683 (2Vote), and then open the provided link. The link takes texters to the Secretary of State's online voter registration and election information site, which is essentially a one-stop shop for everything having to do with the presidential election happening on November 8, as well as any future elections too. Besides registering to vote, within the site, Coloradans can change their party affiliation, update their address, view their sample ballot 45 days before an election, or check the status of their voted ballot. Users can also stay informed of important dates and deadlines pertaining to elections.

The Colorado Secretary of State's Office created the texting option as a means to address the needs of those who want information immediately, and to cater to a society that is all about having things available on-demand. Global Mobile also helped to develop the new service, seeking input from Denver Elections, New Era Colorado,  Colorado Common Cause and the Colorado Public Interest Research Group, to determine what residents of Colorado would find to be helpful and convenient in regards to the upcoming election.

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