How many Coloradans have started groups where one person makes a trip up to Wyoming each week or month to get the gang cigarettes?

Money is money, and when you can save at least $20 on something that you desire by getting it in another state, nobody can stop you. That's the situation, as Colorado's cigarette taxes have people loading up for road trips for cartoons of 'smokes.'

The southern border of Wyoming is famous for its fireworks stands that are open year-round, this could very well be the next trend: A giant, warehouse-like store where Coloradans can drive up to and shop for 'cheap' cigarettes.

When a carton of cigarettes costs you around $90 now, due to all the taxes the Centennial State has on them, it seems prudent to save cash by hitting the Cowboy State.

But then, it depends on how far you have to drive to get the (discounted) price to make it worth the trip. Folks who live in the Fort Collins area can see the trip as worth it, as opposed to the Denver area.

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In January of 2021, the taxes on cigarettes went up over one dollar, from 84 cents to $1.94 per pack. I asked my brother how much he's paying now, and its $8.65 per pack of Marlboro Gold (formerly 'Light'.)

According to Colorado Sun, monies raised from the new taxes are going toward K-12 education, rural schools, and housing assistance. In the coming years, the monies will go towards preschools funding.

I've been told that Wyoming retailers have a limit on how many cartons patrons can purchase at one time, as to prevent 'bootlegging' of 'smokes.'

Do you know of anyone taking advantage of the lower cost of cigarettes in Wyoming?

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