They seem to be popping up everywhere these days. In Texas they must be everywhere, they have so many locations there. Here comes Christian Brothers.

The first Christian Brothers Automotive I saw was the one off of 10th Street in Greeley. Big. Brick. LOTS of bays. 'Who the heck is Christian Brothers' is what I said. Then, they built one down from our radio station in Windsor. Once that one opened, it looked like they had at least 50 cars in need of repair waiting for them. Obviously, I've never been to one, if I had I might know more about them.

Now Loveland will join the list of Colorado's 16 (with Loveland) locations. They're building it at the southeast corner of Garfield and 57th Street, near the Tractor Supply Company. 

Christian Brothers started in 1981 and now have 160 locations across the U.S. including over 100 in Texas, where they began. They're called Christian Brothers because the two men who started the business decided to do so, after meeting at church.

Maybe they stand out to me because I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Sure, there are many, many locally owned repair shops in every town in America, but you don't often see an auto repair facility franchised like a McDonalds. You know?

Are you excited about them coming to Loveland? Or will you stick with your regular mechanic?

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