A woman from Minnesota came to Colorado to give birth to conjoined twins in August.

Amber Mcullough gave birth to them late in that month. After the birth, one of the twins died. Most recently, Children's Hospital of Colorado in Denver banned her from the hospital after claiming she was being disruptive to the nurse's rounds.

She is now suing for the right to enter the hospital.

Initially, after they felt she was a disturbance, she was limited to visits of two hours per day. Something has since happened that has caused her full ban from the facility.

Since then, she has been actively posting on her GoFundMe page, telling everyone about her experience with the Denver hospital.

You can read a substantial part of our latest update by clicking on the link in the last update. All I can say is I am trying get Savannah to the care she needs. After reporting a sentinel event involveing too much heparin, a broviac placement, a hematoma that extended past her jawline and into her face with a nurse refusing to call a doctor, then spraying blood profusely from her neck, and then learning that the CT they took identified air bubbles in her neck from a hematoma before they ever sent her back up in the first place, they just didn't read it until hours later, after all that we were retaliated against for having filed complaints to make sure that it never happens again.

I am currently not allowed to see my daughter at all as a result of their retaliation and lies. I have proof of their lies as I wised up some time ago not to step foot in that place without a recorder in my bra. I am also currently suing them over the retaliation as it violate, patient right, parental rights, Joint Commission rules, the patient care act, and others. Suing them is about holding them accountable and having a voice for parents. Clearly, we do not have enough protections in place for patients and parents. That is, easily enforceable protections. This needs to change.

Now I am trying to transfer her to Boston Children's where they are top five and often first in the areas of pulmonology, spine, orthopedics, urology, and nephrology. I found a non-profit called Grace on Wings. The cost to get her to Boston is 19,267. Please help us get Savannah to Boston where the expertise she needs in her continued care is and where patients and their families aren't abused by the administration as with CO.

I should also add that after many HIPPA violations refusing to let me see my daughter's records, I finally found someone to get me all of her imaging and imaging reports against the medical records supervisor's direction. I combed through them all and found that she has had an enlarged heart time, she has broken ribs on her left side which leaves me wondering if they had to do CPR due to her Broviac (her nurses learned about that from me. It's equally disturbing that they had no idea). There's much more involving her lungs. I have been in the dark on a number of things there too. I have never had a single care conference though I have been asking for regular care conferences since her birth. They continue to refuse a cardio consult though she has all the symptoms of heart failure and then I find out her heart is enlarged through obtaining in part her records they are refusing me? I'm horrified by this place. Please help me get her to Boston. They are the number 1 Children's Hospital in the country and she needs that kind of expertise.

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