With as important as Colorado is to the Presidential election, expect to see more and more visits from the candidates, and their supporters. This Thursday (February 18, 2016), you can see Hillary Clinton's daughter, and actress America Ferrera.
Many of the candidates have already made stops in Colorado. But as we approach "Super Tuesday," on March 1, you can expect the "big guns" to start popping up in Colorado.

On Thursday, Chelsea Clinton and Ferrera, are scheduled to start their day in Boulder at The Riverside, at 11 a.m. for an organizing meeting. Afterwards, both of them will make their way to Denver for two more events. Ferrera has been a long time supporter of Clinton, campaigning for her back in 2008, when she was running against President Obama for the Democratic nomination.  Ferrera is most known for her staring rolls in Ugly Betty, as the voice of Astrid in the How to Train Your Dragon movies, and most recently as Amy in the new TV series Superstore.

(Source: Loveland Reporter Herald)