Kids throughout Colorado are going through a difficult, complicated time as they're barred from going to school, seeing their friends, or going out in public as they're used to. However, one woman wants to make the world seem a bit brighter for our community's youngest members.

Meet Sam Garber, the NoCo chalk fairy. I met her through a local Facebook group and was delighted by her sweet sidewalk offerings to our kids.

Sam is jetting around Loveland and Fort Collins to draw your child's favorite characters out on the driveway, and is happy to personalize them with well-wishes for birthdays or words of encouragement.

Pick a time while your kiddos are preoccupied, and Sam will sneakily come by your home to brighten up the pavement. Then, send your kids out to the lawn for a giant smile.

if you'd like a visit from our resident chalk fair, you can contact Sam through direct message on Facebook. Her artistry is free, but donations are always welcome.

Thanks Sam!

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The Chalk Fairy

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