It's not every day you're cruising Instagram, see something and think to yourself: why didn't I think of that? But today was one of those days.

A cat from Cincinnati, Ohio recently was treated to a little extra love by his owner, Melissa Krieger, who shelled out $2,400 to build a custom fish tank that Jasper the Cat could climb up underneath and stick his head up into a see through enclosure amongst the fishies swimming around him.

Jasper - no doubt a Bengals fan this weekend, by the way - used to love sitting on a chair next to the aquarium watching the fish swim by. When Jason Hering - the guy that maintains the aquarium - came by to clean the tank, he and Krieger devised the plan to give the cat a closer view with a custom built home for the fish, and peep show for Jasper.

Needless to say he loves it.

The saltwater tank is four by two and a half feet wide and has fish like parrotfish, catfish and angelfish, in addition to other tropical fish, all swimming around for Jasper's viewing pleasure. His sister cat, Willow, has also gotten in on the act and both come running to check out the action when the fish are fed each day.

Krieger initially posted a video of Jasper checking out the fish on Facebook where it's been viewed over ten million times worldwide.

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