George Washington was a busy man, but he found time to create and enjoy a fine beer. Our friends and neighbors at Budweiser announced this week that they are going to brew a limited edition summer brew inspired by a recipe our first President penned in his military journal titled, "To Make Small Beer".

The brew, which is to be called "Freedom Reserve-Red Lager", is using a hand-written recipe George Washington put in his military journal in 1757, according to the New York Public Library. As you might guess given that time frame, it does include molasses and the use of a blanket, if it's cold outside.

"Take a large Sifter full of Bran Hops to your Taste -- Boil these 3 hours. Then strain out 30 Gall. into a Cooler put in 3 Gallons Molasses while the Beer is scalding hot or rather drain the molasses into the Cooler. Strain the Beer on it while boiling hot let this stand til it is little more than Blood warm. Then put in a quart of Yeast if the weather is very cold cover it over with a Blanket. Let it work in the Cooler 24 hours then put it into the Cask. leave the Bung open til it is almost done working -- Bottle it that day Week it was Brewed." -George Washington "To Make Small Beer" (New York Public Library)

Here's the really cool part: not only will we be tasting history, but Budweiser will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer to Folds of Honor, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to spouses and children of injured or fallen soldiers. That's awesome!

George was good at so many things....I look forward to tasting his brew this summer!