The battle of the brews is never ending, but it doesn't always have to be contentious. In Northern Colorado, we are blessed with a huge bounty of brews to choose from, made from breweries both big and small. There are a variety of flavors and brewing styles to choose from. Being creative in the marketing of these beers is equally important to gain traction in an ever shrinking market place.

A microbrew in Minneapolis called "Modist Brewing" unveiled a Mosaic Double IPA called "Dilly Dilly" this past Friday. If you've seen the commercials, you know that Bud Light has again a viral commercial with a most memorable catch phrase: "Dilly Dilly". We can add that one to the list that includes, "Whaaaaat's Uuuup" and "I Love You Man". Budweiser responded to this threat with a most polite cease-and-desist proclamation. Instead of a team of well dressed lawyers showing up, Budweiser sent a town cryer with a scroll to announce the order right in the middle of their brewery.

Major kudos to Budweiser for this most perfect response. The folks at Modist Brewing are also quite appreciative as they not only kept the scroll and posted it in the bar, they have also agreed to change the name of the beer to "Coat Tails" once this batch is finished. Dilly Dilly!

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