Bride-to-be's usually look forward to showing off their wedding dress to their friends and family. However, one woman's big dress reveal didn't go as planned when her friends couldn't hide their disdain for the gown she picked out.

She excitedly wanted to film her friends' reactions as she showed off her dress, only to be let down when they hated it.

After sharing the clip on TikTok, some users sided with her friends, suggesting she made the wrong dress choice, while others stated she should wear whatever dress she likes.

The clip appears to show a group of friends in a bridal shop, with one guest filming as the bride-to-be is about to reveal her dress.

Watch the clip here:

As the curtain dramatically opens, the woman does not receive the response she was hoping for and in return drops the camera she was directing at her friends.

"Oh," her friends groan, unable to mask their hatred for the dress.

"A weaker b**ch would have folded after that reaction! Lol, but I loved her," the caption read, with the onscreen text stating: "That time all my friends hated my wedding dress."

Users hilariously commented on the clip. "When I tell you I am in tears LMFAOOOOOOO," one person wrote, while another commented: "The fact that you had your camera ready for a completely different reaction is sending me."

Other users weighed in on what they thought of the dress. "They're real friends lol cos that isn’t the dress," one person wrote, while another declared: "The dress is literally gorgeous what the hell."

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