When my wife heard Horse & Dragon Brewery was doing a donation drive for Homeless Gear, she rounded up some coats our girls had outgrown, and a few other items, and Thursday last week we went there for the first time.  It was nice of them to offer a free pint of beer to every person who donated.  They also had a spread of Chick Fil A food for people to enjoy for free.

The location is somewhat "tucked back" (at 124 Raquette Drive, sort of past Miramont/Genesis gym,) so I'll bet the people who work in the industrial, northern portion of Fort Collins really love it!  I'd be going there after work probably more than I should.  And it stands out in that area of quintessentially dull, tin buildings, as it's large and painted up super fun, so it's hard to miss once you're on that block.

I had the Mile 100 Amber, and it was impossible to drink just one.  (Okay, like that's even slightly unusual for me, granted.)  Kim had the Picnic Rock, which I thought was decent as well.

The people there were super hospitable, and it was good to see the place mostly full, with piles and piles of donations for the homeless out front.  I saw them cramming all that into a fifth-wheel trailer as we left.

It's also good to know that Horse & Dragon embraces sustainability and the Fort Collins bicycle culture.  Between the good beer, fun hangout, and philosophies including giving back to the Northern Colorado community, this is a place that's worth going out of your way for!

I like the cozy feel of the place. In addition to charming, tall pub tables, they have long benches good for families or other groups. (Geoff Gundy, TSM)