Wow. I don't think I'd even heard about The Cheesecake Factory even closing on Pearl Street, and now they're announced what's moving into the location.

It was the end of an era when Boulder's The Cheesecake Factory closed down at the end of 2018. They'd been a staple on Pearl Street for nearly 20 years. Imagine how many special dinners people enjoyed there- Proms, Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays. Thousands!

The Denver Post/The Know has the story on what's coming to that space this year. It'll be one of those new trendy food halls. There are several in Denver- I have been to The Source, for example. They are KIND OF like a fancy food court. Several restaurants in one location- with beer and other alcoholic beverages available throughout the venue.

One of the popular food halls in Denver is AVANTI Food & Beverage- they are the ones opening a second location on Pearl Street. According to The Know, the owners look forward to transforming the space- including a rooftop bar to overlook the Flatirons.

These are fun places, where you and your friends can all try different food genres at the same time in a community setting. Maybe it won't be a place to take Mom on Mother's Day, but it will be something neat to check out!

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