They were warned that fines would be issued if they did not follow COVID-19 protocols, yet four fraternities at the University of Colorado 'partied on.'

According to the Denver Post, four more fraternities are facing fines ranging from $1,610 up to $4,470, totaling over $10,000, after hosting parties this past weekend (Aug 28-30, 2020.) These four join one that was fined the previous week.

All are being fined for hosting these parties without adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols (social distancing. face coverings;) the fraternities were warned by their governing body, the Interfraternity Council, prior to the weekend that fines would be issued.

Here's some footage of one of the parties. Beware, the table does not survive.

Get more on the frustrating fraternities from The Denver Post HERE.

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