Two guys 'lifted' some booze from The Top Hat Saloon. They came back, though and made things right.


I've been informed that the two men captured on video came back to Top Hat. They genuinely apologized and paid for the liquor that was taken. A hard lesson in hard liquor learned.  Nice job, guys.

Everyone has moved on, and all is right again this holiday season in Downtown Loveland.


Top Hat Saloon's owner, Allan Curtiss, posted photos on Facebook from security footage from Friday, November 29, 2019.

Apparently, while there was a situation/emergency in the front of the bar that was being handled, these guys snuck into the back of the bar.

In the photos, you can see that the guys thought it was funny that they were getting away with the crime.

To say the least, these guys are NO LONGER WELCOME at Top Hat.

[Photos deleted at Top Hat's request.]