If you are planning to stop by the Bunz Burger location at the corner of South College Avenue and West Troutman Parkway expecting to have a delicious lunch or dinner, you're going to want to change those plans immediately. According to the Coloradoan, the restaurant that focused on burgers and french fries has closed it's location after only three months.

The location, which is in a prime spot in front of the South College Target, has been home to two greek restaurants and the latest Bunz stop since the end of 2013.

The Coloradoan states that Chef Alex Hough, who was a major player in the transition from the last Greek restaurant, Akropolis, to Bunz, now works at Old Town Suehiro after leaving the burger establishment two months ago.

While the business is at a prime location in Fort Collins with a major travel route running against it, past closures have left a black cloud over the space. The 4235 South College Avenue location was first home to the Taverna Greek Grill for nearly four years. However, due to a lawsuit by the US Department of Labor, that business had to close. The Greek restaurant, Akropolis, followed Taverna but only lasted less than a year due to the stigma that Taverna left.


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