I could have easily titled this blog, "Why We Live in Colorado". My friend, Dorothy Farrel, who happens to be the executive director of The Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA) Center, recently visited Estes Park. On her way down the mountain, she encountered a few Elk and a herd of Big Horn Sheep that crossed the road in front of her. Dorothy described it like this:

I was escorted out of town this morning by some majestic beings after doing a presentation in Estes. What a beautiful world we live in!

This YouTube video shows the Big Horns crossing the road on snowy October day:

The wildlife are not the only beautiful things in Estes Park.

Dorothy Farrel, For TSM

These Elk were spotted near Lake Estes.

Dorothy Farrel, For TSM

Here is the full photo of one of the Big Horn Sheep!

Dorothy Farrel, For TSM

All truly reasons why we live in Colorado and love it.