Axe-throwing.... in a bar? I know what you’re thinking: Is this safe and what does that insurance bill look like?

Well, it seems the owners of an up-and-coming axe-throwing bar have thought of everything.

In the old Fort Collins Dungeons & Drafts gaming tavern, Ross and his father, Mark, plan to open The Axe and Ale this spring, according to the Coloradoan.

According to spending data from mobile payment company ‘Square’, axe-throwing is expected to be one of the nation’s fastest-growing entertainment trends.

So, how does this work?

There’s a two-drink maximum, for obvious reasons, while The Axe and Ale’s age limits are still being determined.

According to the Coloradoan, no hard liquor will be served and if you don’t want to throw, you can watch comfortably from a separate seating area.

What’s the process?

An hour-long throw session will cost around $23 per person. Newbies will be given safety and throwing instructions, thank goodness, by trained employees. Not only that, but a coach will stay with each group of throwers throughout their session.

Who’s ready to embarrass themselves and possibly throw an axe the wrong way? You can find me in the bystander seating sipping some wine.

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