Juan Manuel was found safe at Civic Center Park on Tuesday afternoon (April 25, 2017).  He's back with this family and doing well.

Aurora to Civic Center Park seems pretty far. This is excellent news!


Juan Manuel Campos-Rocha is 13. He has developmental disabilities and has been missing since Sunday afternoon (April 23, 2017). The Aurora PD began using bloodhounds and rescue dogs last night (April 24, 2017), in the search.

Juan Manuel
Aurora PD

Juan has gone missing before but was found at a nearby park each time. That doesn’t seem to be the case this time around, as the Aurora PD is now using bloodhounds and rescue dogs. Juan Manuel Campos-Rocha is 13, weighs 220 pounds, has black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing gray pants, a blue sweater, and white shoes.

Aurora Police are not asking for the public’s help in finding Juan however, as that might interfere with their use of the dogs.

Our hearts go out to Juan’s family. We hope the Aurora authorities find him healthy and get him back home soon.

[Source: KUSA]

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