The Toto classic “Africa” will now be played on loop in an African desert “for all eternity,” if a 27-year-old artist has his way.

Namibian Max Siedentopf created an installation in a secret location in Namibia, which consists of six speakers set on white pillars around a central pillar that holds an MP3 player connected to solar-powered batteries.

“[I] wanted to pay the song the ultimate homage and physically exhibit ‘Africa’ in Africa,” Siedentopf told the BBC. “Some [people] love it and some say it’s probably the worst sound installation ever. I think that’s a great compliment.”

You can watch his video below.

Predicting the system could continue operation for 55 million years – by which time the Namib Desert will be 60 million years old – he noted that "most parts of the installation were chosen to be as durable as possible, but I’m sure the harsh environment of the desert will devour the installation eventually.”

Siedentopf added that the “treasure” was waiting to be found by any Toto fans who cared to search for it.

The 1982 song has appeared in headlines frequently in recent years as the number of cover versions and tributes continues to rise. It originally appeared on Toto IV, the album that saved the band's career after their previous two LPs had flopped.

Guitarist Steve Lukather once told Billboard that "it was a do-or-die record for us. [The label] even came out and said, ‘If you guys don’t pull one off on this, it’s over. That’s the end of your contract.”

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