Each year, it's a race to crank up the lifts, blow enough snow to cover an entire run, and open the gates for people who love to slip and slide on the snow. Quite honestly, it's a pride thing, and it's a press thing. For those of us who love the resorts, often it's the space that we love. We have acres upon acres of wide open terrain to play however we like. If it's not the amount of terrain we have in Colorado that is so great, then surely it is the quality and amount of snow. So what's the big deal of a resort opening one slope covered with man made snow that makes us all go crazy? It's symbolic, people. Once one opens, the rest domino. Plus, what if we get an early dump? We can't enjoy a powder day at the resort if the resort isn't open.

In the past the race has been between Arapahoe Basin and Loveland Ski Area. Their high base elevations of 10,700 and 10,800 feet respectively bring colder temperatures so they can make and keep snow somewhat easier than other resorts.

This year, the first to open will be Arapahoe Basin. 'The Legend' as it is known, is a local's and mogul skiers favorite. The views are absolutely breathtaking, and the whole place has a very extreme feel to it. People party on the edge of the slopes at 'the Beach' as it is known. A-Basin is a great resort and it is exciting to have it be the first resort to open this year.


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