The storm that can't give us a definitive answer keeps on chugging in the Pacific, and keeps us asking questions. But we may have an answer soon.

While all the models are pretty close to each other on where the position of the low pressure system will be this weekend, what hasn't been one hundred percent decided on is where the snow-rain line will be during the storm.

Judging by the latest update from Denver Channel 7 meterologist Mike Nelson, it looks like the mountains will be getting hit with a truckload of snow. However, Fort Collins-Greeley-Loveland could be seeing more rainfall than snow from the system.

Here's the latest update from Mike Nelson (as of 4pm MST 4/13):



And for Mike's latest video forecast, here's the information you need to get ready for the weekend:


So enjoy the warm weather while you have it this week, because Mother Nature will surprise us with a shock to the system this weekend.

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