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We all make New Year's resolutions, and every time we do, they get harder and harder to keep. It's gotten to the point where 'making a New Year's resolution' feels nearly impossible and, for many people, not even worth it in the first place.

With a little help from a few products on Amazon, we think that your New Year's resolution is easier to hold on to than you might think. Here are some examples of common goals and products to help you scratch 'em off your list.

1. Cook More

  • Idea #1: A pressure cooker!

Pressure cookers, ever since the popularity of the Instapot, have gained a cult following. There are entire Facebook groups about easy pressure cooker recipes, so you'll be cooking up a storm with your tool as soon as it lands on your doorstep. Here's a cheaper option to help you get started!

Buy the SilverOnyx Pressure Cooker right here. 

Silveronyx, Amazon


  • Idea #2: a delectable new cookbook!

There's nothing like a new cookbook to get you excited about whipping up some fresh new dishes. Personally, I want to try John's Fried Chicken Wings from Chrissy Teigan's 'Cravings' cookbook.

Chrissy Tiegen, Amazon

Buy Chrissy Teigen's Cravings cookbook right here.

2. Travel

  • Idea #1: New luggage

Traveling in style is the only way to travel. Grab a set for only $100 on Amazon at the link below and you'll be jetting away to an exotic locale in no time.

Traveler's Club, Amazon

Buy the Traveler's Club 4-Piece Luggage Set right here.


  • Idea #2: Portable Translator

Speaking of exotic locales, maybe the one thing that's holding you back from traveling is the time it takes to learn a new language. Get a little help with a portable translator, which'll work faster than an app on your phone and get you speaking like a native in no time.

PocketTalk, Amazon

Buy the PocketTalk Language Translator Device here. 

3. Get active

  • Idea #1: New running shoes

Every time I buy new running shoes, I never want to take them off. This is the perfect way to get you psyched for the gym in the morning: slipping on these bad boys!

Adidas, Amazon

Buy the Adidas Men's Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe here!


  • Idea #2: a digital fitness tracker

Monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and more with a smart fitness tracker. It'll get you thinking more about the way your body gets fit, and encourage you to pay more attention to how much progress you're actually making.

Akuti, Amazon

Buy the Fitness Tracker HR, Y1 Activity Tracker Watch right here.

Whatever your resolution is, we wish you the best of luck in achieving it in the new year...You can do it!